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Computer Topics

Listed below are a number of Topics which I have presented to our local Computer Club. This Club ended in 2011, as few need ‘inside information’ now. The talks go back over a long time, and some of them are somewhat out-of-date. Any with a RED description have had minor amendments in January 2014 However, in most cases the Programmes and Techniques discussed are largely still relevant, and form a good introduction to the subject.
Click on any link to download the topic. Most downloads are in ‘Exe’ format. Run the Exe. to extract the Content which will usually be in the form of a PDF file.
A Simple Guide to the PC 205k bytes suitable for beginners -
No Floppy Drive app 133k
Multi Booting - especially Windows Xp 4-07-07 App 73k
Internet Security 104k Protecting yourself when online
Creating a Windows Xp Boot CD Sept 07/Jan 08 236k Fairly straightforward 'how to do it'
Computer Security 2-2-08 260k Various aspects of machine protection
Vista First Impressions 4-07-07 & 17-7-07 120k bytes Installation Tips, Tweaks, Multibooting, Cloning etc
Virtual PC Dec 8th 2007 275k DOS6.22 Diskette - 95 Diskette - 98SE Diskette each is. 98SE Special Diskette - click HERE for Info 1.5mb app.
Hibernation etc 8th September 2008 156 k app. 4th Button Fix 8th September 2008 841k app. Windows Patch 8th September 2008 2.6mb ClearSpooler.Bat 8th September 2008 .5kb
Creating a Home Movie DVD November 2009 452k app
Windows 7 12th October 2009 750kapp Supplement on Tweaking Added 23-10-09 2 mb
Spreadsheets March 2010 525k app Talk on using Excel and a sample Home Budgeting Spreadsheet
Uninstalling Programmes 41k bytes How to do this without problems
CD R/W Incompatability app 37k Short discussion of the problems using R/W media
Browsing and Downloading from the Web app 221k. General discussion and tips -
BIOS, CMOS and Booting 70k bytes Explanation ot these topics
Recording LP's to CD's  app. 230 k - detailed explanation including cleaning up 'pops and crackles'-
Windows Tips and Tricks 9-12-06 app. 980k
Wireless Networking app. 180k an overview of this subject - 15 pages - Feb 2006
Using Total Commander  145k bytes
Using Wordprocessors  app. 180k
Using Drive Imaging Software Oct 10th 2007 361k A discussion on creating and using images.
Video Editing (Sony Vegas and DVD Architect) app. 458 kb
Four documents - Windows 7 - 19 pages, Tips and Tricks - 15 pages, 10 Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 7- 2 pages, and a Feature Comparison Table. 6 scanned pages of additional tweaks
Updated March 2009 - includes info on HD Editing. Older version of above talks April 2004. March 2009 This talk describes how to create a menu driven DVD of a home movie using Sony DVD Architect Studio 4.5
Original talk Dec 2004 (Adobe Premier 6.5)
How to use Hibernation (mainly Xp), plus tips on StandBy, Dirty Flag, KeyScrambler, Steganos Safe, Removing USB devices, VELite and Clearing the print Spooler. The Fix and patch are described in the notes Small Batch File to CLEAR Print Spooler (Windows Xp ONLY)
This paper describes what a virtual pc is and how to use it. Several Boot Diskette Images (see main paper for info.)
Running several Bootable partitions, especially with Windows Xp. Also about Autochk/c000021a errors. N.B. Visit for a much more detailed discussion of this subject
- creating BOOT CD's'. Includes a downloadable CD outline (app 2.6 megabytes to create a Barts Boot CD)
Using Partition Managers to create partitions etc; plus some associated notes.
with special reference to Paragraph Styles. Paper is in Word and Word Pro formats) -
formerly Windows Commander - download includes some enhancements for the programme - see ReadMe file in download.
Tuning Windows for better performance and other useful tips. Mainly Xp but relevant to other versions