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About the Author The Developer of ShowMan and the other Programmes and Papers on this site is Clive Bowden, a Retired Telecommunications Manager. Clive lives with his wife at Stithians, in Cornwall, England. Interests - Are, or have been - Computing, Amateur Radio, Fishing (Sea and Fresh Water), Boating, Walking, Tennis, Skiing, Gardening, DIY, Charity Work, Stithians Show. After National Service in the RAF as a Radar Fitter, I worked for the South Western Electricity Board in Cornwall, England. I was a Power Engineer for some 16 years, and then a Telecommunications Engineer/Manager for another 16 years. I took early retirement in 1994. I have held the Amateur Callsign G3OCB since 1959. My main interest was in home construction of Amateur Radio equipment - I was active on 2 meter SSB in the early 1960's, when the art was in its' infancy. I built many receivers, transmitters and all sorts of test equipment. Some of my equipment was featured in UK ham magazines. I also ran courses for the Radio Amateurs Exam at a local college. In the late 1970’s various Radio magazines started to publish articles on ‘Home Computers’ and I became interested in Computing. My first machine was a Nascom1 - built from a bare circuit board, utilising over 60 IC’s (integrated circuits or chips) requiring OVER 2000 soldered joints! t had a 2 mhz Z80 processor. It had a 2 kilobyte machine code ‘monitor’ called NAS-SYS (early operating system), It had 1 kilobyte of Video memory and a WHOLE 1 kilobyte of RAM (program memory)!!!! Getting it to work and do anything was the best possible introduction to the subject! As a result I have no problems building computers and operating them in a highly secure way. (read some of the papers on the Computer Topics page) Programmes were entered in Hexadecimal (Machine Code) and were were saved to a cassette at around 75 baud - that's about 8 bytes per second!!. Over the next few years I graduated to a Nascom 2, with 5.25 inch 'floppy' disks, RAM and other improvements. I then progressed to the Gemini 80 bus system, with a 5 mb hard disk!! - a very versatile 4mhz CPU Z80 based system. This ran CP/M and successors like ZCPR3 and BDOSZ (operating systems that users could modify!) - systems much better than plain CP/M. Around 1980 I designed a system at work that used a Nascom 2 based system. This system replaced a hard wired (and unreliable) Remote Control system  - this Nascom system ran for over twelve years. The software for this was programmed in Z80 machine code, initially to suit the native machine code monitor on the Nascom. Later versions were written with the Microsoft Macro 80 Assembler, to run under CP/M. I also used MBasic to write several 'custom' database programs that were used on other 80 Bus systems at work. In the late 80's I moved on to a AT style PC (12mhz 80286!), and since then, I have graduated through many PC type machines. Currently (2016) I have a Dell Inspiron 9400 Laptop upgraded RAM and Hard Disk and Windows 10, an ASUS T300 CHI Transformer Book 2 in 1 and several self built desktop machines, the two most recent of which are using M2 SSD’s and Intel I-7 processors. One of these is used for Video Editing, and the other for general day - to - day work. Both have Windows 7 and Windows 10 dual boot systems. Visit for more information on Nascom and Gemini Systems
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Clive and his wife Elizabeth (Lee) in 2003 when he was Chairman of the Stithians Show Clive has been Chairman in 1987 and 2003 and President in 2009 Lee was President in 1995