Show and Exhibition Manager
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Version History

ShowMan has grown since the mid 1980’s to become a complete suite of programmes designed to handle all aspects of the management and organisation of Events where things are organised into Groups for competitions - typically Shows. However it is quite flexible and adaptable. Over the years many features have been added, ‘bugs’ have been fixed and various improvements have been made, especially with regard to Error Detection and Trapping. One if the main problems with ShowMan is that it is probably only used for a brief period each year and Users forget to update the Configurations to suit the next Event, resulting in Data Errors. More recent versions of ShowMan will trap many such errors with an explanatory message, often with a link to the relevant Help. ShowMan includes a number of small manuals dealing with various aspects, and especially Setting Up. Users SHOULD Read (and possibly PRINT from the Editor) the three small manuals - An Overview of ShowMan Setting Up the ShowMan suite Putting ShowMan to Work The ‘Setting Up’ manual is particularly important These manuals are installed when ShowMan is installed. They can be found - In the ShowMan item on Start, Programs On the Integrator screen when ShowMan is running The Menu ‘Brief Manuals’ in the ShowMan editor.